Shiva Mohtashami, MD

Well Women's Check-up


Women should take care of themselves and schedule well women's check-ups with their primary-care doctor to stay healthy. These visits allow a woman to discuss any concerns about her reproductive system or sexual health. During her visit, she can discuss any other ailments she might feel are bothering her. Dr. Shiva Mohtashami in Morgan Hill, CA, is a specialist when it comes to performing annual well women's check-ups.

What a Well Women's Check-Up Includes

These visits usually include a pelvic exam and pap test, sometimes blood work, and other tests. The doctor can also give advice about sexual health, childbirth preparation, and breast self-exams. Women aged 21 to 65 should schedule a well women's check-up every year. If a woman becomes sexually active before the age of 21, she should begin these yearly exams the year she becomes sexually active.

Importance of a Well Women's Check-Up

These visits provide the ability to do regular screenings for various diseases such as cervical cancer or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Women who have abnormal results during their annual well women's check-up should consider further testing at a gynecologist as recommended by her primary care physician. Since this visit is a comprehensive look at your overall health, in addition to your reproductive system and sexual health, it's essential to bring up any other concerns you might have.

What Happens After a Well Women's Exam

When the exam is finished, your doctor will follow up with you on the results found. You'll learn the results of your STD screenings and hear about any additional treatments your doctor may recommend based on the results of your bloodwork and other tests. Your doctor might recommend increasing specific vitamins, switching to a different type of diet to remain healthy, or providing you with a referral to a reproductive health specialist if they feel you might need a second opinion. These results and findings are logged in your medical records so your doctor can see the difference in improvement from the last time they performed these tests.

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